Apple Indoor Positioning Technology


Compathnion provides zero-additional hardware solution using Any WiFi based on Wherami technology. In iOS, we have cooperation with Apple ecosystem.

Apple introduced indoor positioning technology for iOS on Any WiFi, which is accurate to about 3-5 metres. They have developed a new data model for positioning in iOS apps called IMDF.

Compathnion is the 1st Large Scale Zero-Additional Hardware LBS Solution for both Android and iOS in the Greater Bay Area. And we have deployed the iOS solution in many venues.


How to enable iOS positioning?

Compathnion has fruitful experience in implementation of the application with the iOS solutions. The steps needed to provide Apple Indoor Navigation is as follows:

  1. Register company account and venues in Apple Map Connect (
  2. Create an IMDF and submit to Apple Map Connect
  3. Once approved, execute the site survey
  4. Submit the site survey data

We provide a one-stop consultation and implementation service for IMDF creation, site survey, APP development, and maintenance.

SDK Integration

Compathnion SDK  provides the ways to make appropriate communication with the pieces of functions in iOS positioning, GeoJson, and Point of Interests data, without having to worry about how that is handled within that SDK.

With the SDK, developers can focus on UI and UX implementation and integration.

Maintenance Service

Compathnion  Maintenance Service provides you efficiency, convenient and reliable service on-site survey and IMDF update. We promise you to complete a full standard service check-up on your venue signals. The service provided by our highly trained professional technicians and researchers achieve our quality service recognition.